normal people make me laugh...

Sometimes people just have habits that amuse me to no end. The things they say and do, which might be totally normal to them, make me want to burst out laughing. (What is "normal", anyway? If you meet one sometime, let me know.) Some examples:

- A boy in my Composition class last semester, who was extremely logical and rational about everything. He got good grades, always had assignments in on time, and always had argument to back up whatever he said in class. On the day our paper was due he walked into class halfway through the period, red from running from the library burst out with: "I am on Step 12 of my stress relief strategy!"

- A girl who gave my roommate and I a Mary Kay facial yesterday. She sounded so rehearsed, just like a Mary Kay commercial. While she was going on about the products we tried, I was trying to stifle my laughter, and thinking of the scene in Napoleon Dynamite where they try to sell Tupperware, and throw in the model boat for free. "I want that boat..."

- My roommate in general, who has a fetish for tearing down outdated posters around campus, and running out of her way to step on crunchy patches of snow around the sidewalk.

- My botany teacher, who keeps saying the most interesting things, like "You can draw meiosis vertically or horizontally, but I'm going to do it like this, because it's my drawing. So there."


Sonnjea B said...

I know a guy (ostensibly "normal") who repeats everything 3 or 4 times. Like this:

"Did I tell you? Did I tell you? Did I tell you?"
"Yeah, Larry, you told me."
"I mean, did I tell you, the traffic was terrible. It was terrible. I tell ya, that was terrible traffic."

Helen said...

One of my friends will say a sentence, and then repeat it under her breath, in a whisper, and she doesn't even realise that she is doing it! That makes me laugh.

amaras_mom said...

I think I'd like your roommate -- it's the OCD in me.