music meme

It's February, so that means I can do another meme, right? I've been discovering some intriguing bands, so I thought one to do with music was appropriate. Here goes.

Music that changed my life
Deep End by the Newsboys - it pretty much exactly reflects my trip to Boston two summers ago.
Byzantine chant - visit an Orthodox church sometime and you'll understand.

Music I can listen to on repeat
Dil Nai Lagada - great Bhangra dance
Snow Patrol

An album I'd take to a deserted island
Something by Oasis - and not just because of the name. Probably the second disc on their Stop the Clocks collection. Good stuff, that.

Music that makes me smile
The Numa Numa song by O-Zone. Fortunately it's in Romanian; the actual lyrics are quite sad. good thing the tune is so catchy.
Million Ways to be Cruel by OK Go - just watch the music video.
Fivetweezy by Axel F
Celebrity by Brad Paisley - one of the few country songs

Music that makes me cry
Run by Snow Patrol - so sad, even though it's a little hopeful

Music I wish had been made
Not sure exactly what this means...music I had made? That probably wouldn't be so amazing. But the world could always use another Beatles album...

Music I wish hadn't been made
I can do without most screaming rock and country. But there is a time for everything.

Music I'm currently into
Kings of Convenience
Bhangra, or anything Indian
Snow Patrol
Jack Johnson
The Beatles
The Hush Sound
World Salsa
Caesar's Palace

Music I've been meaning to explore
The Cranberries
Bob Marley
Carly Simon
The Decemberists
Shhh ( a local band)

And there you have it.


clowngirl said...

Oooooh...this is a good one, Greta, which I have not seen before. Thanks for posting!

I used to be a dj in university (which, for me, was the University of Waterloo). The pub I worked at is mentioned in Douglas Coupland's book Microserfs.

chick pea said...

bhangra is fantastic, especially to work out to...

have you listened to bally sagoo?

oasis another great pick..snow patrol another fave..

great taste!