getting colder as we speak

It's late January and we're finally getting the first really nasty winter weather of the season. It started with frigid temperatures, then freezing rain, then super-icy sidewalks, and then ice pellets. Now it's finally snowing in slightly fluffy flakes that wouldn't actually make a mark on your skin if you walked outside right now. After some serious thought, I've come to the conclusion that it should be illegal to be this cold. Not that making a law against it would change the temperature any; it would simply give me some consolation to know that it was actually a crime to be so terribly bone-chilling.

Classes are off to a start, and only one has me shaking in my boots thus far. Sociology doesn't look too bad. According to my teacher, we're going to be discussing things like politics, religion and money in addition to sociological topics; things "you probably haven't discussed in any college class so far." Apparently she has never discovered what we talk about in cultural anthropology. Sociology seems similar to my anthro class, except slightly more biased and definitely more scientific. Botany, the bane of my semester schedule thus far looks to be the most intimidating class. Nothing a lot of studying won't cure; it's just that I'm not fond of labs of any kind. At least we get to walk around and pick up leaves and pine cones. Linguistic Anthropology looks like it's going to be one of my favourites. Among other things, we'll get to create our own language and do projects with a conversation partner from another country.

Sounds like it will be really fun. That is, if I don't freeze first...

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kimono hime said...

Linguistic Anthropology? That sounds so cool!