christmas stuff

Yay! I finally have internet in my room. A "squirrely" connection at times (according to my roommate), but it's better than nothing. As promised, here are the pictures of what I got for Christmas. I'll admit, I mostly just happy to be able to publish pictures again. Anyway, here's what I got: A stocking from one of my friends who go to school in Chicago. It's a very sunny yellow colour, and matches my walls at home exactly.
These bamboo lanter lights weren't technially a gift, but I bought them with Christmas money so they count. Now they're hanging up under my lofted bed right here by the computer. Only problem is, there's no extension cord to allow them to reach the outlet. Good thing they look pretty.

Chinese soup spoons. Very colourful. Very useful. Very coordinated with pepper-and-corn ramen.
A "bonsai tree". I use quotes because it is the Wal-Mart brand, and I don't think it's actually a tree. Not like the really cool "real" bonsai trees. But this is one gift I can criticise - I picked it out myself. Nonetheless, it's still a really cool looking plant, and it's sitting on my bureau at the moment.
Wooden chopsticks! They're supposed to be disposable, but they're so pretty I don't want to use them once and throw them away. Maybe I'll make an art project out of them?
Icon Christmas tree ornaments. Except they didn't get put away with the Christmas decorations, so they're now decorating my dorm room. Very cheery.
Boots! My mom got me these...they're very soft, very comfortable and very warm.

Baby beginner's chopsticks. (Does something about me scream Asian eating utensils magnet?) These are from my Yosakoi white elephant Christmas party. Maybe studying them has done me some good...lately, my chopsticks skills have gone from laughable to passable.
All in all, very thoughtful and useful gifts. I'm lucky to have such generous friends.


clowngirl said...

LOVE the stocking...and the lanterns!

You must have been a very good girl, Greta!

Odat said...

I love that stocking too! I hope it was filled with presents! lol
Love the boots too! Neat stuff...
and hey, thanks for the visit..come back anytime....I'll be back to visit you too.

Kate Thornton said...

Beautiful gifts! Very nice, Freta, and it shows what a nice person you are to have such generous and thoughtful friends!

Kate Thornton said...

Of course I meant to spell your name right, Greta - it was a typo from these old fingers!

amaras_mom said...

I didn't think you could buy baby chopsticks. I need a pair of those too!