The other day before our last Macroeconomics lecture, our teacher started off with a random story, as she sometimes does. She explained that she has a habit of listening to snippets of people's conversations as she walks to and from class. She mentioned a particular day where she was walking behind the anthropology building and overheard a young man walking with his girlfriend past some "ugly" trees with big brown pods. The guy turned to his girlfriend and said "Do you think that's a potato tree?"

It's definitely interesting to hear what people are saying when you walk by. My teacher sounded a little sheepish about listening in on others' conversations, but I think it's pretty entertaining. If you just happen to catch a little bit of what is being said, almost any conversation can become amusing, or even profound. Here are a few things I've overheard on my daily walks.

"Oh my gosh, they got married in Vegas!?!"

"Every time I'm about to fail something, I have the same dream. It's about my brother, and this ferret is trying to bite his toe."

"One time we went camping and I was scared to go to the bathroom in the woods, so I didn't pee for four days."

"Free speech is over, man!"


Survivor said...

That's an interesting observation.. I also listen to snippets of people's conversations as I/ they pass by.

I'm not nosey.. I just hear stuff.. But most of the time I forget..

thethinker said...

I eavesdrop all the time, but I've never heard anything as hilarious as the "potato tree" comment.

Sonnjea B said...

Since I write, I'm ALWAYS eavesdropping -- to hear not just what people say, but how they say it, so I get dialog right in my stories. You hear some pretty hilarious stuff.

amaras_mom said...

I absolutely love the idea of eavesdropping and using it for your posts. It's truly human nature!

Thanks for coming by my blog. Swing by anytime! I'll do the same!