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Sometimes we don't realise how fortunate we are. This video shows a breakdown of what the world would look like if there were only 100 people living in it - how many would have homes, how many could read, or have access to clean water. Sometimes watching these things can be a little overwhelming, so I'll also include this story that my anthropology professor sent out to our class after the last lecture:

This story is an ancient story from Latin America, often attributed to the Aztecs though it seems to have been known by others as well.

The elders would sit around and tell this story about a little bird and a great fire. The fire started out small and harmless. The people and animals saw the fire and thought nothing of it. They thought it would go out on its own. But it didn't. The fire grew and grew and by the time the people and animals realized how dangerous it had become it was too late. It was hopeless. The fire was going to devour the world. The people and animals all fled, running up a mountain for safety. As an owl was flying along, fleeing with the others, he looked down and saw a little bird by the fire. The bird was hopping between a small stream of water and the fire. Looking closer, the owl could see that the bird was filling its beak with water and then hopping to the fire to dowse the fire. Again and again the bird did this as the fire raged on. The owl dove down to the little bird and yelled, "Are you crazy?! This fire is out of control. What are you doing?!?" The little bird emptied his beak full of water and offered this simple yet profound reply, "Everything I can."
Inspired, the owl joined the little bird. Others followed. And now the elders tell the story of the little bird who saved the world.

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thethinker said...

I've heard about the world represented in 100 people thing where it's broken down between race, literacy, etc. etc. but never that story before. It's interesting.