here i am!

Wow. Can I still call this 'blogging'? I think the '-ing' somehow implies that the activity is ongoing, which my updates certainly haven't been of late. I could tell you that I came down with a disastrous cold and couldn't muster the strength to blog, but I've been pleasantly healthy. I could claim that I was trampled by herds of Wii-happy gamers or Tickle-Me-Elmo obsessives during Christmas shopping, but my buying is blissfully over. I could tell you that I was displaced from my home because our Christmas tree went up in flames, and I wasn't able to save the computer. But that would be a complete lie. (Our tree is a fire-redtardant synthetic fir. Where is the fun in not knowing if your tree is going to spontaneously combust, you ask? I couldn't agree more.) In all reality, I guess in the end-of-semester, pre-holiday rush, my priorities got in a tussle, and blogging did not come out on top.

What actually has happened since the last time I updated has not been all that amazing. But if you really want to know, here's the rundown.

- I officially ended my first semester as a college freshman. Finals were fantastic; anthropology and mass com were easy as expected; two days of hard-core studying in macro paid off. It's a load off my mind to have these prerequisites behind me - now I can look forward to next semester's load: Art History, Sociology, News & Feature Writing, Linguistic Anthropology...and a Botany lab at 7:30 a.m. across campus. Oh, the joy.

- I packed up most of my life and got ready to switch dorms at semester. It's amazing how much stuff you have that you never rememberd was there.

- Came home for break. It's good to be back...the Christmas decorations are pretty much the same as every year; I'm ready to do some relaxing. After this week, that is...I'm headed back to my university town to work for three days, then coming back.

- Celebrated my brother's birthday today. We went out to see a movie and went to a Chinese restaurant afterwards. It was fun to eat with chopsticks and make fun of each other's weird fortune cookies.

And that's pretty much it. I'll be taking a three-day dive into blogosphere oblivion to do some work, as stated above, but hopefully I'll be able to be a little more consistent here with my entries. Maybe that's something to put on the list of New Year's resolutions...


Survivor said...

Well.. There are times when people have actual lives and blogging isn't really all they live for.

I know that first hand as a kid whose finishing up college soon, and kinda treading the workforce/further education worlds..

Sonnjea B said...

Have a great vacation!