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Words: They're so much fun. Especially when you can play with them - like snug, and green. They can be adjectives describing a cozy corner or a spring leaf, or verbs (The snail snugged through the grass as the sun greened the trees.) There are words that just sound cool, like plash and glisten, and plant names like rowan and pepperpot. And then there are the words that nobody uses anymore like 'perambulate', as in 'I perambulated about the university lawn this afternoon'. And words that Shakespeare used as insults in his plays like 'puny onion-eyed canker-blossom' or 'bootless beef-witted apple-john'. There's a lot more where those came from here. If you find words as fascinating as I do, check out this blog by Word Imp, and make up your own definition for the word featured each day.

Wisdom: Some quotes from one of the best books I own, that offer a little guidance throughout the day (by Elder Amphilochios of Patmos):

"Prayer without love is like a bird that seems good and beautiful, but, as it has no wings, can't fly."

"We must love Christ: this is necessary for the life of our soul. We also need to love God's creation: animals, trees, flowers, birds, and, above all, the most perfect of God's creation, man."

Interviews: I have not one, but two interviews after applying for jobs! One at a Chinese fast food buffet, and another at my favourite book shop downtown! We'll see what comes of this.


Melissa said...


I have had my fair share of those lately and i hope you have the same luck as i do!

Love Melissa x

Annika Rose said...

I hope you get the job at the book store.

Those are nice quotes. I luv being out in nature, and espescially being by the ocean makes me think about God. Because it's so huge and endless...

Anyways ttyl


Word Imp said...

Thanks heaps for mentioning by blog in your post today. I really appreciate it. I'm trying to find a way to get more people to have fun with words. Glad you're keen. I really hope you get the book store job as well. I'm sure it would be exactly right for you.
Thanks again.

Reese said...

I have a book called Thy Father Is A Gorbellied Codpiece! by Barry Kraft. It is a flip book that allows you to "Create over 100,000 of your own Shakespearean insults"! It's great for a good laugh. Deceptious logger-headed mushrump!

Good luck with the job hunting.