Upon the request of Annika Rose, a blogging buddy, here is a 'getting to know you' type of survey. Comment, ignore or try it yourself. :)

What was your first word? Hmmm...it's been awhile. I think it was 'da-da', in reference to my dad.

If you could have chosen where to be born, where would you choose? It's one of the great things in life that nobody gets to choose where they're born...it just happens the way God wants it to. But the Midwest, where I was born is great. It might not have a lot of mountains, cityscapes, or beaches but it makes a great base camp for discovering the rest of the world.

What do you do when you have unexpected free time? Free time - what's that? :P Actually...I usually end up doing something by myself: answering letters, taking a walk or curling up with a good book. Maybe watching an adventure movie.

What day of the week is your favourite and why? I would have to say Friday. The school week is over, it's a pretty relaxed schedule, and of course there's Yosakoi practise! Yay!

What do you think of the Middle Ages? I could go on about this. I wouldn't want to live there, what with the rampant disease outbreaks, violent fueds between kingdoms and political unrest. But the Middle Ages have produced some of the most interesting literature and architecture around. And who could forget King Arthur, and the dragons? Because they did exist. :)

What's one thing most people don't know about you? Ok...it's been over a minute pondering this question and I haven't come up with anything, so there must not be too much...I'm pretty up-front about my interests. And if I told, then everyone would know it, wouldn't they?

What is the last book you read, and what did you think of it? Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. It's hilarious. Maybe a tad sadistic and secular. But definitely a sarastic criticism of society disguised as an intergallactic space adventure. Did I mention it's hilarious?

If you could be any character in any book, who would you be and why? Eowyn in Lord of the Rings. She's just the right balance of humble servant and warrior princess, royalty and empathy for the people. She's loyal, brave, and determined. And she gets to marry a pretty awesome ranger prince.

You are any animal on earth, which and why? A peregrine falcon. Who wouldn't want to be able to fly over landscapes and see what's going on below...and then divebomb unsuspecting prey at 217 miles per hour? Kidding. But flying would be amazing.

You can experience any day in history. Which and why? Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' speech. I imagine the mood must have been electric.

Did you learn to walk or talk first? Talk. I'm still working on the walking part...

You just got a 1 way ticket... where to? At the moment? Japan. I would love to experience the culture I'm learning about as I get into Yosakoi, and meet people from Japan. I'd love to see my friends' homes, taste the food and experience city life and festivals.

What do you see in the mirror? details... I see...my reflection! That's good, right? Not too amazing, not too plain. Just brown-haired, brown-eyed me.


Annika Rose said...

Greeeeeta I want to see what you look like!

I agree completely about the middle ages.

What is Yosakoi exactly?

anyways I did my answers also.


River said...

That's wierd U picked peregrine falcon... I picked that 2! Either a peregrine falcon or a gyr falcon, or a golden eagle.

River said...

P.S. Do U have email? We R going 2 invite U 2 read our secret blog. (If R friends say we can)

Melissa said...

Great idea Annika, thankyou for your survey, it is actually a rather good idea! Perhaps i might do one some time ;)

Melissa xx