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Foliage: Yellow ginkoes, red maples, bright brown sycamores. And those are just the trees! So many bushes and shrubs around campus are varied shades of orange, purple, red, green and yellow. And in today's grey cloudiness after yesterday's rain, most of the leaves have sparkly coatings of water droplets.

Fellow Bloggers: I'm feeling a lot of comment love of late. Thanks to all of you who are stopping by my blog and leaving comments. It really makes my day that you take time to leave notes on my narcissitic ramblings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your blogs!

Job Application: I've been looking for a job. I applied at a dining centre and a buffet restaurant on campus and haven't heard of any openings. Today I applied at the bookstore I mentioned earlier (8 Sept.) They told me their application process was a little 'different' - I was supposed to write whatever I thought they should know about me on something other than a plain piece of paper. So, upon the suggestion of my cousin, I wrote my informal resume on a sycamore leaf. I thought the creativity sounded good, and when I returned to the shop with my leaf, they said 'Oh, this is perfect!'. I'm going back for an interview sometime this week...hope one of these jobs comes through!


ereco33 said...

nice idea!!
I hope you get a job soon!!

Annika Rose said...

OH WOW that's cool! (the leaf). I would love to work in a book store and that sounds like a good one to work at. If they want you to bring in a note on a leaf or something like that, I mean. Well I hope you get the job.

Annika Rose said...

P.S. I found this question thing and I was going to do it in my blog. Could you also do it so I can see your answers? Thanx

What was your first word?

If you could have chosen where to be born, where would you choose?

What do you do when you have unexpected free time?

What day of the week is your favorite and why?

What do you think of the Middle Ages?

What's one thing most people don't know about you?

What is the last book you read, and what did you think of it?

If you could be any character in any book, who would you be and why?

You are any animal on earth, which and why?

You can experience any day in history. Which and why?

Did you learn to walk or talk first?

You just got a 1 way ticket... where to?

What do you see in the mirror? details...

River said...

Hi Greta, I'm Annika's friend River. I was wundering if U wrote on the leaf with a reguler pen?

Greta said...

Oh, the question thing looks fun. Look for it in an upcoming post. :)

River - the pen I used was a Bic...it didn't have regular ink though. It had a more liquid ink. I think a regular pen would have torn the leaf. ;-)