parents, crane party, homecoming

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted. So here are my 3BT's for the past few days.

Parents: My parents unexpectedly came to visit me on Saturday. We went shopping and out for dinner, which was nice, and also a break from insane amounts of studying for upcoming tests.

Crane Party: This weekend both my roommates were out of town, so I had our three-person room to myself. So, I had my cousin come spend the night. We went to Hobby Lobby and bought decorative paper to make paper cranes. We had a nice relaxing evening folding cranes, listening to random music on YouTube and watching Bulletproof Monk, which was actually a pretty good movie. Now I have a flock of paper cranes circling around my bed.
Homecoming: Homecoming was kicked off at my university this Sunday morning with a 5K race. Ten members of my Yosakoi club (including me) ran the race. It was freezing to begin with, but certainly warmed up over the course of the run! We even had a small cheering section, yelling and clapping Naruko, the wooden castanets that we use while dancing. That afternoon we had a sidewalk chalking contest to incorporate our club with our homecoming theme, which this year is 'Homecoming of Heroes'. We drew our school's mascot dressed as a yosakoi dancer in front of our own version of Kakushika Hokusai's "Great Wave off Kanagawa", a picture that has come to be a symbol of Japan and shows a giant tsunami wave and Mt. Fuji in the background. We had a great time chalking out the design, and getting chalk dust all over ourselves. We even got a picture in the university paper. Next up: painting windows in the dowtonwn shopping district. Homecoming is turning out to be really fun, as opposed to the cumbersome obligation it could have been in a week packed with studying.


Melissa said...

A Five K run! Gosh, i would die, i run a lot, after school and all but never that far! Well done!

Love Melissa x

Annika Rose said...

Hey Greta! Guess what, I get to keep my blog!!! I'm so happy!!! Anyways I like your cranes. It reminds me of I Am Sam, have you seen that movie? Where the girl loves to make birds. Anyways ttyl


Word Imp said...

I'm answering the question you wrote on my other blog - regarding the name of my character, Bernard. The book is a picture book manuscript which I sent in today to a competition we have here in NZ called the Joy Cowley Award. The main character was going to be called Winston but the real 4 year old Winston objected! Cheeky sod. Anyway, I decided on Bernard which I'm very happy with. I looked through a name book, searching for something old fashioned which had sensitivity and class. I can't tell you the plot of the story since it's "commercially sensitive"! However, I think it's brilliant. I'll let you know if it wins - won't find out until late February. Hey, I'll let the world know through my blog if it wins. I'm feeling good about it. I love the stories behind the stories too. I have lots. But I don't want to bore you.