what's the world coming to?

These news stories that I came across or received in e-mails from friends this week show just how paranoid or just downright silly people can get these days.

- Talk about isolated. An Austrian man was reportedly found dead in his bed - after five years. Landlords thought he had moved in with his caretaker, and never bothered to check the room.

- Looking for friendly faces on your next European vacation? Paris is apparently not the place for you according to this article. It states that several tourists each year need psychological treatment after experiencing street clashes and rude behaviour of locals that is contrary to their picture of Parisian society.

- And if that wasn't enough, we now have to fear a national threat from...Jell-O? A pile of the jiggly stuff was left by a roadside in Germany. Only after two hours of examination did five toxic waste experts declare that it was not toxic waste, but just a pile of discarded gelatinous dessert.


Annika Rose said...

Weird. Very weird. I feel sorry for the guy who nobody knew was dead. He probably died of lonelyness.

Genius Configuration said...

You have no idea how much I agree what you're saying. Thank you for` reviewing my blog. :) Life is always worth living.