what soothes you?

It's time for fall. Leaves are changing. Winds are getting colder. It makes me want to hole up somewhere warm with a good book, a blanket and something pumpkin-flavored. So, inspired by the blog Life is a Bowl of Garlic Hummus's list of soothing things ("Pass the Hug This Way..." - you'll have to scroll down partway to find it, the blog is constantly updated), here's my List of Soothing Stuff: Autumn Edition.

- Weather getting colder, but still sunny
- Good classical music on the radio
- Pulling on warm socks after the shock of cold toes on the floor
- Endless flocks of blackbirds flying through the air
- Cozy sweatshirts
- Warm soup and hot chocolate in my dorm
- Maple leaves turning red
- Locusts chirping at night
- Snappy air, sometimes flavored with smoke or rain
- Reading outdoors on a bench somewhere on campus
- The sky - it seems to have a more intense blue come September
- Time for pumpkin and apple-flavored things
- The way lit windows look so much more inviting in the dark
- Pumpkins on porches

So there you have it.

What soothes you?

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Chick Pea said...

miss greta:
thanks for putting me on your blog.. i'm humbly obliged...


thanks again..a hummus bowl for you today...