human clock

I snapped this picture on my morning walk last week, and thought it would be cool to send it in to the Human Clock, a website that has a photographic "clock" showing pictures sent in by viewers around the world. Every minute the clock displays a different picture, which contains the numbers corresponding to the current time. So if you have nothing better to do at 2:43 P.M. you can hop on the site and see my photo pop up on the screen for 60 seconds. (The numbers are pretty small in this pic; the one on the site is cropped a bit.)

The photos used for each day are creative, and range from people holding signs displaying the time to airport terminal marquees to giant groups of people spelling out the numbers to kids making the numbers with spaghetti.

It's an interesting project, and fun to see the photos from around the world. Below are some examples from the website.

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