back from the craft fair

It is officially fall, the benchmark being that my town hosted its annual '3rd Saturday in September' craft fair this weekend - complete with arts and craft booths, food, and street vendors, of which I was one. Our church sold parking spots on the back lawn, as well as water and various sweets. I, along with other members of the congregation, carted water and baked goods up the crowded street yelling, "Ice cold water! Fresh-baked cinnamon rolls and brownies!" This ended up being a pretty rewarding enterprise due to the unexpected heat and hungry crowds.

It was amusing to see the blank stares on people's faces when we tried "Anybody want to try some hommade baklava?" Apparently the amazingness of this rich Greek dessert was lost on the throngs of typically German-heritage fairgoers.

The day was profitable, but completely exhausting. It did, however, produce some great photo ops. The colors and crowds made the fair a particularly interesting place to snap away.

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