doesn't this look tasty?

I wouldn't know - octopus doesn't show up on my dinner plate too often. But the picture is colorful and interesting; one of many from Lucy's Kitchen Notebook that make me want to jet off to Lyon, France just to taste the many different foods Lucy blogs about.

I've discovered of late that food blogs are pretty popular these days. I don't cook all that often, but just perusing some of the blogs can be fascinating. From recipes to photos, travel information to kitchen table chat, international food blogs can be as interesting as chatting with a local cook about how to make a national dish. Particularly interesting are the entries that profile a local farmers' market or upscale restaurant. Here are some interesting ones.

Lulu Loves London: Lulu's photos and food discoveries from her world travels, most recently to Sardinia and Napoli.

Clivia's Cuisine: Kristina from Stockholm shares recipes and photos of her favorite hobby. Mostly in English, with some Swedish.

Becks and Posh: English traveler Sam Breach shares her international recipes and travel stories.

Baking for Britain: Anna from London shares recipes for baked goods from around the UK.

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