calling all bookworms...

It's National Banned Books Week. So, try your hand as this quiz about banned books from Mental_Floss. And try out a new book or two! Some of my favourites are:

The Princess Bride - even funnier than the movie, "Inconceivable!" as that might be.

Hitchhiker's Guide the the Galaxy - An amusing intergallactic tale by Douglas Adams. The first of five such cynical yet hilarious books about the adventures of Arthur Dent in the far reaches of the universe.

A Wrinkle in Time - a fascinating sci-fi story I first read in middle school...it's still a fascinating tale of time travel and adventure.

Stargirl - Definitely a tear-jerker, but also a sweet, thought-provoking look at popularity vs. thinking about others in a small Mica, AZ high school.


Chick Pea said...

miss greta:

have you read the owlstone crown, the giving tree, or um.. all of shel silversteins books?

they are wonderful...

to kill a mockingbird is also fantastic ;)

Greta said...

I haven't read the two first books you mentioned, although I love Shel Silverstein's poetry and To Kill A Mockingbird! Thanks for the references...I'll have to check them out.

Marcus said...

Hey Greta!

Can't say that I've read any of those books actually... but I might have to crack one open shortly.

Thanks for responding to my blog btw. I'm actually a student from Canada, and I would hope that by my post you would know that the stereotypes for Canadians are not ALL true.

Anyways, it was awesome talking to you... I may have received extra credit from my English teacher thanks to your comment!

Thanks again

avila said...

Hello Greta. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Post on September 8th - A cozzy little nook

...wow. I've never seen a bookstore full of cats laying around! Love that place and i love cats!

drop by anytime!