sorta kinda settling in

I am glad to say I am posting from my dorm.

For a campus of 23,000 students, things were kind of dead tonight. My friend and I walked around looking for the buildings we'll be taking classes in. They all look pretty similar, but I bet we'll be navigating the streets like pros in no time.

Life in the residence halls hasn't been too strange yet, aside from some little things here and there (water seeping out from beneath the bathroom door across the hall, people running up and down the halls yelling "does anybody have a fork?!").

But for now it's quiet, and cool. I have my computer set up, my stuff moved in, and I'm surrounded by my books and icons. I could get used to this.


Argetlam said...

How have your roomies reacted to your icons?

Greta said...

They haven't really mentioned anything...I explained to one what icons are and what they are used for...the other one (who was gone then) hasn't commented.

s said...

How's everything going so far otherwise?