jazz house

It's a little house I walk past on the way to work every day. I call it that because in the summer when I would walk by, somebody was practicing a trumpet inside, and they weren't half bad. It looks so cozy with the brightly painted flowerpots and porch swing with a flowerd quilt draped over it. I realized I'm going to miss it, as well as some other things around here. Like:

Having my own room. I'll get used to that eventually, though.

Small-town driving. It's going to be a bit of a challenge going from our little one-stoplight town to a place where I'll be sharing the road with 26,000 other motorists daily. Oh, the joy.

Toast. Okay, so they'll probably have toast in one of the dining halls there, but I'll still miss my EarthGrains Wheat Berry toast. Students can bring poisonous snakes and spiders to stay in their dorms, but not toasters. Strange. The last time I heard of someone hospitalized due to a toaster-bite was...never, actually.

I'm sure after I've gotten used to the dorms I won't think about missing these things so much. It's a new adventure, and I think I might finally be ready. :)


s said...

You move today, right?

Greta said...

Yep...I'm posting from the dorm, actually. It's insanity right now, but It'll get better in a day or two (I hope.)