anthropology 204

Not bad for a first university class.

In Introduction to Cultural Anthropology we will be learning about how cultures interact with each other, find out how anthropolgy applies to our everyday lives, and doing a world culture simulation. Each of our discussion groups will create a culture, and figure out its economics, politics and even religion. When we get that all figured out (by the end of the semester) we'll have a giant interaction with all the other discussion groups.

Oh yeah, and we're going to "see the world as we have never seen it before."

On a side note, we're using a neat search tool called Diigo. If you're not familiar with it, it allows you to add "sticky notes" to any website to keep track of information you think might be interesting or useful. Using it, you can also highlight a passage, right click, and find music or news related to it, or blog about it. Pretty sweet.


emily said...

Stopping by for the first time...

I'll be interested to see what your musings are on your Anthropology class. I'm taking a cultural anthro course this semester, too.

Diigo is cool. Very cool. Thanks for the link.

s said...

Your class sounds highly intriguing:-) *drools over the thought*

s said...

Oh, and thanks for the pictures - they turned out really well!