now...what am i doing again?

It's been a loooooong day.

It started with an 8:05 class in which I almost dozed off from studying the night before for a quiz I don't actually have. Then, due to a scheduling misunderstanding, I missed my University Experience class. It was an experience, I suppose. Then I went with a friend to pick up some textbooks downtown, and stood in a line that actually made an entire circle around the small-ish bookstore (that was after circling the building 3 times to find a parking spot.)

Just as I was puffing up the hill to my dorm after parking my car 3 miles away (well, maybe not 3 miles), a guy riding his bike down the sidewalk looked straight at me, smiled, and said, "Hi." I have no idea who he was but that was probably the best part of the day (aside from e-mails from most of you. :)

(Can you tell I like parenthesis?)

Otherwise, my anthropology has been interesting - I have my second class tomorrow. I've actually been looking forward to it. Until then, here's an interesting quote from one of Wendell Berry's books. His newest book, Given Poems is a nice, reflective set of poems about life and the countryside.

"Well, life is a miracle, and therefore infinitely of interest everywhere." - Wendell Berry


s said...

Maybe he (the smiling guy) was an angel in disguise... :-)

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