on the menu: snakes and cupcakes

After two days of rain, it was actually a chilly walk to class this morning. I missed my alarm and was forced to grab *gag* another granola bar for breakfast. (As I'm discovering, it seems the three main food groups for students not eating in the dining hall are fruit, canned soup, and granola bars.) Fortunately I made it to class on time, because our anthropology professor showed us a video of the building of his house in a remote Papau New Guinea village, as well as of the spiders and snakes that the people there prepare as delicacies. Yum.

Last night I went to the weekly film put on by Amnesty International and some local campus organizations. This week's feature was Born into Brothels, a documentary about kids born to prostitutes in Calcutta's Red Light district. It was startling and sad, but uplifting and surprisingly humorous as well.

Oh, I should let you know that the picture of the cupcake in this post is not entirely meaningless. It seems that people are turning to comfort foods like cupcakes in "these scary times". While yes, maybe we should be thinking of ways to help people in places like Turkey, Lebanon, and St. Petersburg, it's comforting to know that we live in a country where it's possible to have food we don't even need. Maybe we should find a way to airlift a million cupcakes overseas. It's hard to be angry at someone who's giving you a cupcake. ;)

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s said...

Fascinating. I've never even heard of the cupcake craze, but now that i think about it it's true! Strange...