lonely (dwarf) planet

Poor Pluto.

Apparently, to be considered a greater part of the solar system you have to do more than just orbit the sun and be round. This article from CNN describes Pluto's disqualification as an official planet. I just think it's funny that scientists get to vote on whether or not an object is a planet or not. To me, Pluto was a cool extension of the solar system - an "exception" planet, just to remind us that maybe we don't know everything about what constitutes the solar system. But I digress.

On the subject of wanting to know everything, there's an interesting project that will begin in 15 days called Dropping Knowledge. The idea is that everyone send in the question they think it is most important that the world know the answer to. Then, some of the "most brilliant minds" in the world will select the top 100 questions, and host a session on September 9th where they attempt to answer these inquiries. Answering speakers will be videotaped and broadcast over the internet to the rest of the world.

While this may seem a little off-the-wall, I'll be interested to see just what they come up with. The results should give us some idea of what society thinks of the most pressing issues today. So send in your burning questions! Should be interesting to see how they stack up against Orthodox theology, eh?

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