love, community, numa numa

Here are my 3BT's (Three Beautiful Things) for the day:

Love: We're discussing love and marriage in anthro at the moment. Arranged marriage, wedding traditions, and family relations are topics of discussion. We're also discussing the nature of love, from the midaeval tale of Tristan and Isolde to more modern verse from "poets" like Jennifer Lopez and Jay-Z. It's hard to explain or define. But my professor, when describing how his wife dedicated a song to him on the only American radio station in New Guinea where he was doing field work, became emotional and choked up. It's a powerful emotion.

Community: I'm finally getting involved! With my residence hall, it's upcoming programs like pumpkin carving contests, a dorm 'sleepover' and finals week relaxation activities. And with the advent of homecoming, Yosakoi is involved with various activities such as a sidewalk chalk contest, spirit banner contest, and dancing in the parade. Should be fun, and I'm doing it with awesome people!

Numa Numa: You might know it better as Dragostea Din Tea, the hit song by the Romanian group O-Zone. Admittedly, I'm nearly a year and a half behind the rest of the world's craze over the song. But listening to it for the first time today, I couldn't resist the fun, upbeat, catchy rhythm. It's my feel-good pick of the week. Maybe even the month. I dare you to listen to it without cracking a smile.


Anonymous said...

I did 3BTs 2day 2!!! That's cool! I have never heard of that song or that group. I'll see if my brother knows it. Well have fun with all your stuff. Cllege sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I put a link 2 ur blog on my blog. Do U want 2B my blogger friend?

Junsui said...

NumaNuma rocks! I keep it bookmarked and listen all the time. And dance along. :p