war stories

A few weeks ago Washington Post columnist (and Pulitzer prize winner) David Finkel stopped by our News and Feature Writing class to talk about a story he was writing. He was shadowing a soldier who was preparing to deploy to Iraq.

Last week the story, 11 Days Till Baghdad appeared in the Post - it was interesting, but also gut-wrenching to read. The things that soldiers have to be prepared to witness and to do themselves aren't tasks most people like to think about. The story really brought home a local impact of the war. If you have some time, it's an informative, if sombering read.


Reese said...

I haven't read the story yet, but I can't say enough about the courage of the men and women of the US military who risk their lives to defend the freedom and security we all enjoy. They put their families and plans on hold to fight against terrorists who would behead innocent men or fly airplanes into towering buildings at the slightest chance.

My husband is deploying to the Middle East later this year and my heart breaks for the sorrow and the pride of it.

Sonnjea B said...

I grew up in a town with an Air Force bomber base during the Vietnam War. I can remember so many homes flying POW/MIA flags, and most of us had the bracelets. You definitely get a different perspective of war when it's in your family or your hometown than when you just watch the soundbites. I'm looking forward to reading the Post story.