it seems I have been tagged

Sonnjea B. of the consistently humorous blog Koji's Kitchen tagged me to play the iPod game. Since, like her, I do not own an iPod, I will also have an iMaginary list of songs. (Since my computer got reformatted, I don't even have a MediaPlayer library. I'm picking songs at random from my CD case...how sad is this?) Anyway, here are ten songs picked at random from my CD collection. Now you know how strange my tastes really are:

1. Enya, Orinoco Flow
2. London Symphony Orchestra, Duel of the Fates (from Star Wars)
3. Charlotte Church, Carrickfergus
4. Bryan Adams, Here I Am
5. Coldplay, White Shadows
6. Ravi Bal, Captain Bhangra De
7. Jaci Velasquez, Crystal Clear
8. Hollywood Film Chroal, Learning to Fly (from Peter Pan)
9. Angel of Music from Phantom of the Opera
10. Oasis, Some Might Say

I, however, am not going to play by the rules and tag five people. If anybody feels the urge to look up the last ten songs on their actual iPod and reply in the comments, feel free.

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Sonnjea B said...

Fun list! I like quite a few of your selections but am unfamiliar with some. I will have to check them out.