Here's a meme I nicked from Sonnjea B. Feel free to add your own answers in the comments or nick it yourself.

1. Closest red thing to you? A Valentine's Day chocolates tin my roommate gave me. (No, I didn't get to eat the candy.)
2. Last thing to make you angry? Myself...for not studying when I had plenty of time.
3. Do you have a temper? At times...
4. Are you a fan of romance? Yep

1. Closest orange thing to you? A package of Hall's cough drops.
2. Do you like to burn things? It makes it worth getting up for a 7:30 botany lab when we get to ignite spores...
3. Dress up for Halloween? Not usually.
4. Are you usually a warm-hearted person? I'd like to think so...but maybe I'm wrong.
5. Do you have anything against redheaded people? I think it would be silly to pass judgement based on hair colour...
6. Are you usually full of energy? Some times more than others. Generally I'm pretty laid back. Give me cappuccino, though, and I'm liable to do just about anything

1. Closest yellow thing to you? My string of bamboo lantern lights.
2. The happiest time[s] of your life? Right now.
3. Favorite holiday? Orthodox Pascha (Easter.)
4. Are you a coward? Depends on the situation.
5. Do you burn or tan? Burn, big time. (Shouldn't this go under red?)

1. Closest green thing to you? A pair of flip-flops
2. Do you care about the enviroment? Yes I do
3. Are you jealous of anyone right now? Yep - my friends who know what they want to do with their lives, major-wise
4. Are you a lucky person? Not lucky, blessed
5. Do you always want what you can’t have? I usually want something I don't have. That doesn't mean I can't have it, though...
6. Do you like being outdoors? Absoloutely
7. Are you Irish? No, but just the other day I told my roommate I wished I was...she thought that was hilarious for some reason.

1. Closest blue thing to you? A tie-dyed sarong hanging on my wall
2. Are you good at calming people down? I can be
3. Do you like the sea? Yes. Someday I want to ride a ship out to sea and see what it feels like to have no land in sight.
4. What was the last thing that made you cry? I almost cried while watching Stranger Than Fiction tonight. Pathetic, I know. It made me laugh out loud more than feel like crying, though.
5. Are you a logical thinker? Sometimes overly so.
6. Can you sleep easily? No

1. Closest purple thing to you? My undergraduate course catalog.
2. Like being treated to expensive things? Nope...time spent is better than money.
3. Do you like mysterious things? Intrigue is the spice of life.
4. Favorite type of chocolate? I have yet to meet a chocolate I don't like.
5. Ever met anyone in royalty? Does homecoming royalty count?
6. Are you creative? I suppose

1. Closest pink thing to you? A pair of Asian-inspired casual flats
2. Do you like sweet things? Too much for my own good
3. Like play-fighting? As in...mock sword duels? If so, then yes
4. Are you sensitive? I can be
5. Do you like music? No - I LOVE it

1. Closest white thing to you? Printer paper
2. Would you say you’re innocent? Until proven guilty
3. Are you good at keeping the peace? Most of the time
4. How do you imagine your wedding? I don't
5. Do you like to play in the snow? Yep
6. Are you afraid of going to the doctors or dentist? Yes...the dentist's office creeps me out

1. Closest black thing to you? My computer
2. Ever enjoy hurting people? No. I'm actually disturbed that this is even on here...
3. Are you sophisticated or silly? A little of both
4. Would you like to go to space? I like my home planet...but it might be cool to see it from the air
5. Do you have a lot of secrets? Nah
6. What is your favourite colour? Don't have one
7. Does the colour you wear affect your mood? No. But my current mood might affect what I choose to wear


Sonnjea B said...

I liked this meme - glad you used it!

clowngirl said...

I pinch memes from you ALL the time, Gretchen (lol)!

Thanks for not minding :)

Sonnjea B said...

Hi Greta,

In case you don't re-read the comments on my blog, here is my response to your question:

I have "site meter", which has free and paid services. I am very cheap, so I use the free one. It tracks who is visiting with some details like "referring URL", etc. You can click the site meter button near the very bottom of my sidebar to go to their site and learn how to get it, etc.