winter coat, picture, fiesta

My 3BT's for the day.

1. Winter Coat: Stepping outside for the walk to class today was like stepping into the arctic. I half expected to see snowflakes - they were in the forecast yesterday, but today dawned sunny, but snappy. Luckily I have a nice, bright red winter coat to keep me toasty.

2. Picture: I was scrolling through my Yosakoi website's list of practise pictures, and there was one of me! Stretching at the beginning of practise, I was wearing my purple happi coat. It was a nice, unexpected surprise.

3. Fiesta: Today our complex had a 'Hispanic Heritage Fiesta' with virgin margaritas, nachos, and dancing. At least that's what the poster said. The party didn't turn out to be too exciting, but I got to visit my neighbouring hall and see one of my friends' rooms. Not bad for an evening, even though the virgin margaritas were actually Sprite with margarita-flavoured syrup.


Lavanya said...

hi greta,
thanks for visiting my page and being patient enough to leave your comment on my book review.
you have a neat blog yourself, and i see you are a 3BT person. thats good.

Annika Rose said...

One thing I really luv is snow. Ur lucky because where I live it only snows maybe once the whole winter. And U have 2 just run out and play becuase its usually gone by the end of hte day.

jenifer said...

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