parking, paisley, running

Parking: After a post-lunch Wal-Mart run, I came back and found lots of open spaces in the closest parking lot. Yay! A shorter walk for such cold weather.

Paisley: It's such a fun pattern. So many different designs, so many colours! I have a bag that is cool tirqouise, blue and white with little bits of burgundy thrown in; also a headband with golds, oranges and pinks. These items look like they could have come from a shop in India or Romania, but add a funky splash of colour to a plain shirt and jeans.

Running: One of the ladies in Yosakoi is sponsoring me to run in the 5K homecoming race! She offered to pay for my entry fee, and tonight at class gave me the money in a little Sierra Club card. She told me, "I did this for my daughter last year; You can be my daughter this year." Don't worry mom - nobody's replacing you. But that generosity just made my day.

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