what flavo(u)r is your English?

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To bloggers from the UK or other places that use the British-type spoken English (sorry, I don't know the technical term for it):

Does it annoy you that large-scale websites such as Blogger, Google, and other search engines have tabs that say 'favorites' instead of 'favourites'? Or that most printed information on the web speaks of practices, colors, and checks instead of practises, colours and cheques? Or does it matter at all, as long as you can understand what is being said?

This is just something I randomly wonder about...I usually use British spellings when I blog or handwrite anything. I honestly don't know why. Maybe I'm just rebelling against the fact that a lot of Americans are unwilling to learn another language, while English is fast becoming the language of trade and commerce the world over. While British English is just as understandable as American English, it's just a little different, and I like to use it. Or maybe my fascination with the countries of the UK has just boiled over into my writing.

So, thoughts or opinions anyone?

Here is a link to an article about the differences and origins of American and British English.


Melissa said...

Hey Greta,

Thankyou so very much for your comment on my blog, it may sound stupid but i was very excited to see you had written me a comment! Thankyou for your support and i have found your blog also rather interesting. I will definately keep watch of your posts.

Thankyou again,

Melissa (Aust.)

emily said...

Well...I'm just a lazy American who doesn't feel like adding extra letters to her words :-P

Fascinating link, though, thanks for sharing!

Emelie said...

Hey Greta!
I'm Emelie from Sweden (also a friend of Melissa commeting your blog earlier..;) ), and I have to say in my opinion, British English looks more beautiful, and like it is the start of it all, and American English is a bit simplified. In school, we learn to write in British but we have an American accent when we talk, how odd is that? Though I have to say I admire the differences thinking a language has been shaped by the persons using it. Great blog!


Katie said...

Hi Greta
Thanks for commenting on my blog!
In answer to this question, I came across someone having a little rant about people who said 'disorientated' instead of 'disoriented'. Well, in the UK we say the long version. I don't really mind American spellings and pronunciation (basil and oregano case in point) as long as you are in America, but please, let the rest of us keep to our way of doing things!

Interesting that you write with UK spelling though. Do people comment about that to you?

Have fun with the 3BT format!