overheard at camp

I'm back from counseling at a week-long Orthodox youth camp. I'll probably post more about it later, but right now I'm still recovering from the exhaustion, so I'll give you a sampling of quotes from the 7-to-9-year-olds I counseled. If nothing else, it was worth the week to hear the amusing things the kids said.

After I taught an impromptu dance class when the actual teacher had to leave, a little boy ran up to me and said, "I've never seen a parent jump before!"

One of my girls at lunch: "You're not even old enough to get married!"

During chapel: "Make my sister stop hitting me! And my appendix hurts!"

While doing a bread-making activity: "I have lots of practice working with dough. I just took a cake-decorating class, and now I decorate all these cakes. I'm working on one shaped like the White House. The President ordered it, and I'm going to send it to him. I'm going to make all his cakes."

One of my campers: "Well, their names are Katie and Sarah. They're not identical twins - I think it's called fraternal. They look exactly alike, but their names aren't twins."


Sonnjea B said...

Hilarious; hope camp was as fun as it sounds.

Torquer said...

Kids say the strangest things.

I have a six year old brother - but he prefers to solve his problems with actions rather than words.

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