little bloggy b-day

It was one year ago today I started my venture into blogging. It's been an interesting experiment, and I've enjoyed the other blogs I've been able to read and comment on, and receive comments back.

Over the last year I've blogged about my first year at college, my first trip overseas, and lots of zany and mediocre things like haircuts, food and quirky people I've observed or overheard.

The other day I added Google Analytics to my page so I could see how truly depressing my blog ratings were. I was actually surprised by the small but steady stream of people who visit it.

Some of them get here by interesting routes. One Google search that has lead people to my blog was 'alcohol free birthday etiquette.' I don't remember blogging about this subject, although it's worth finding out about. I don't know why 'picture of breaded fish cutlet' would lead anyone to my blog, either, but it did. I hope they weren't upset not to find such a picture. And my personal favourite, 'the art of slurping' must have had something to do with my experience eating ramen in Japan. Interesting stuff.

So, thanks for sharing my little corner of cyberspace - listening in, commenting, and sharing your own stories. Sometimes my postings are sporadic at best, but I've enjoyed keeping a blog. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it going through the next year.


Sonnjea B said...

Happy blogger birthday! I've enjoyed your posts this past year. And in case it makes you feel any better, I get many visiters who googled "pig shaped cake". Seriously.

Jingo said...

happy blog birthday!

I no longer view my blog ratings (probably because they've been going into steady decline). So long as I have my loyal bunch of friends what more could you want?

Although I do envy those with hundreds of comments...

Torquer said...

Happy Blogging Birthday! Although you will only have know the amiable Torquer from Spring 2007 onwards, I have actually been a blogger in a past life since 2004.