banana pancakes and the travel bug

The travel bug has bitten me - bad. I already want to go back to Japan, and it's the one country besides the US I've been to...there are so many more to see! And who knows when I'll even be able to travel again.
My latest interest, however, is Thailand. On the plane from Chicago to Tokyo, I sat by two very nice and interesting students about my age; one was a girl from Seoul, returning home from studying in the US. The other was a premed student going to teach English in Thailand for a few weeks, after hiking the base of Mt. Everest. It turned out the girl from Korea knew a bit about Bangkok, the Thai capital where the other student was going. We all talked about Thailand for awhile, and she said that if we ever visited Bangkok, to find Khao San Road, a mecca for backpackers from all over the world.
I looked it up the other day, and the street looks fascinating - kind of a hippie beach town meets a crowded strip mall. This site had some really cool pictures of the road. It's also fascinating to trace the road itself on Google Earth.
In my reading about the road, I discovered that street vendors often cook up a treat called banana pancakes, made right in front of hungry tourists and drizzled with chocolate sauce or sweetened condensed milk. I tried it for myself last night using this recipe, but substituting sour cream with a little sugar since we didn't have any yoghurt. The result was delicious!

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Irisi said...

That looks delicious! Glad to have you stop by my blog.. I'm actually not Orthodox, but my family is. I am a reclaiming pagan, and incorperate a lot of the orthodox tradition into my spiritual practices :)

Do you hide your quotes on a blog, too? I don't have all my favorites up on my second blog, but it's a good storage place :P

I look forward to reading more and making some deeper comments on your blog- I'm loopy from vicoden right now (tonsils.. yeah you probably read about it on my blog..) and probably not making much sense.

Take care!

~ Irisi