finals week

I am still alive.

I guess the recent lack of posts has been because I'm actually getting some stuff accomplished, so maybe I can claim productivity over inconsistency.

Anyway, it's getting down to the end of my first year of college. It's been a blast. I'm really going to miss some things here during the summer, like:

- Making my own waffles for breakfast, and mixing in blueberries or chocolate chips whenever I want.
- My awesome room and the people who randomly drop by every day.
- Being within five minutes of Wal-Mart, a coffee shop and an Oriental grocery store.
- Being able to walk through the student union and hear five different languages.

But I'm also looking forward to some things I'll be able to do away from school this summer:

- Try out some new recipes on a real stove and a real oven.
- Read a book for fun - textbooks have practically killed my ability to do so.
- Go to Japan!....if my passport gets here in time, that is...
- See my friends and family from home.

I can't believe there's only a week left...


Reese said...

One year down! Yay!


Reese :)

clowngirl said...

You make waffles? That's.so.great!

btw, I've tagged you (you can check my blog for deets and play if you like).

Sonnjea B said...

Congratulations on finishing (almost) your first year! Have a great summer.