Finally, I may just be ready to hand in my News & Feature Writing article. Good thing, too, because class starts in less than an hour.

My article is about a local program that seeks to improve physical fitness through the designed environment - things like creating bike paths, making shopping areas that are concentrated and can be reached on foot, and installing sidewalks along roads. It's been very interesting to research.

How long did it take me? I'm not sure in minutes, exactly. All I know is that it's taken two CD's (Rooney and the Hush Sound), one bottle of water, one apple, seven peanut-butter crackers, two bathroom breaks, one editing session, two paper copies edited to shreds, and absolutely no time spent outside on this gorgeous spring day. I'm hoping the end result will be worth it.

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channelview said...

That way of measuring time is interesting. I wouldn't mind hearing more about that. I'm used to hours and minutes, but your way makes things seem more real. ;)

Let us know how your article went. Would you consider posting it on your blog?