amusement amidst boredome

Tuesday morning in my Sociology class, I was extremely bored. There is nothing new about this, except that on Tuesday I decided to sit in the very back of the classroom so I could leave right away for my advising appointment. This meant instead of sitting in the third-to-front row where I may as well have been the only student in the classroom, I was sitting back with the people who were sleeping, surfing the internet, or doing calculus homework. (One boy did this throughout the entire class. He was so concentrated on his math that he didn't look up the entire class, and spent a good deal of it entering equations into his calculator. I was impressed.)

My professor and her TA were trying to hook up a DVD player to the projector to show a film, and while the screen was calibrating, it turned white and brought up a message:

I found this amusing for several reasons:
1. My teacher and TA can't seem to get the DVD player to sit there and be ready to play. It has to be re-started every time.
2. The fact that whoever designed the initializing screen apparently didn't take the time to spell-check their work.
3. The simple irony that due to the huge message 'blank screen', the screen is not actually blank.
It's the little things that get me through the day...


[eric] said...

Is it a Japanese DVD player? Engrish!

clowngirl said...

LOL about the 'blank screen!'

I love life's little incongruencies, too.