you know you've put off blogging too long when...

...you come home for Spring Break and your mom tells you "One thing you have to do while you're home is update your blog. It's been the same thing for too long!"

I guess it has.

So I am finally home for a week of relaxing (read: job-hunting, shopping and cleaning out my room) before the final stretch of school (six more weeks sans finals week) kicks in. I can't believe how fast the year has gone by! It's even scarier to realize that in three of my five classes, I have only one more test to determine what my final grade will be.

On a lighter note, spring seems to be coming early. The weather has been almost unseasonably warm lately, and buds are beginning to appear on trees - some lacy green, some almost yellow, and some bright red. And daffodils are opening, too. Grass is beginning to poke up from last year's brown remains, practically singing that soon there'll be a big green carpet to run barefoot in. I love this time of year.


Sonnjea B said...

Hey! Welcome back to the blogosphere! I hope you enjoy spring/spring break and that you get some rest so that the last 6 weeks don't wear you down too much. Have fun at home.

channelview said...

All the best on your tests! :)