boot camp

Feeling pain means you're alive, right? Then I guess I'm still alive. The last three days of spring break I was back in town for what my Yosakoi coach called 'Yosakoi boot camp'. And it was - nine hours of practice each day plus stretching and yoga. But it was well worth the effort...after the entire weekend, I am more familiar with the dances we will be doing in Japan this summer. We practiced everything from large stage formations to parade style where we dance in rows down the street, to individual auditions in front of a video camera (not my favourite.) We tried new formations, and even did some yoga to develop flexibility. We took measurement for the tabi shoes we'll be wearing to dance in Japan. And when we weren't dancing, we enjoyed some amazing food prepared by the mom of one of our captains - we had awesome rice, salad, sandwiches and on the last night we had shrimp and scallop pasta and fruit pizza.

It was tiring, and I definitely felt some muscles I didn't even know I had. But it was a great time to hang out with friends and get ready for spring performances and the Japan festival. It was definitely worth coming to camp, especially since in three months, we'll be here.


clowngirl said...

Jeez, that's how my kung fu feels (I identify with discovered those muscles I didn't know I had!).

You'd think after 4 years it would get easier...it doesn't!

channelview said...

Healthy fun? ;)