Winter break: T- seven days and counting. It's been nice - I've been able to hang out with family and friends returned home for Christmas; I've also been able to put some of my Christmas gifts to good use. Money spent at Barnes and Noble yielded some books to hold my interest; a guide to kanji and kana writing is helping me gear up for Japanese I next fall, and a copy of Educating Alice: Adventures of a Curious Woman by Alice Steinbach has been a very entertaining travelogue.

New Year's Eve was a low-key but highly enjoyable day. I spent the morning at church, then hung out with my cousins in the afternoon, reading, playing board games and making messy poster-paint pictures. A Harry Potter marathon at another friend's house brought in the new year, followed by noisy yelling of 'Happy New Year' and ringing bells outside. I usually don't make any rigid resolutions, but here are a few I want to keep in mind over the next year and try to do better at:
1. I want to take better care of my body - exercising more, eating better food, and trying to eliminate more sweets. Yeah, yeah, easy enough to say...
2. Develop better study habits and learn to focus.
3. Get more involved at school, if just by attending more lectures and exhibits, or discovering new stores and activities in the area.
4. Do more photography.
5. Spend more time reading my Bible and spiritual books.
6. Be more consistent at blogging.
We'll see how that goes...


sarala said...

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you had a happy new year. Come by anytime.

9ja Opeke said...

~*~*Happy New Year*~*~

We all make resolution but we never keep them...I think we should just make resolution to keep the resolutions(smile)...I hope you have a great year.
More importantly I hope your study for Japanese I goes great. I always wanted to learn how to speak a language I have never learnt to do before. Well, thanks for coming by.