plaza, brownies, emails

Plaza: A lovely way to start my day: after an anthropology lecture on art, talking with the teachers' assistants and meandering to the Union plaza to study and draw in my sketchbook. It's so fun to people-watch as students trek to and from class, or to get some lunch in the Union. There are businessmen and women in formal attire, runners in athletic wear, artsy-types in berets and colourful scarves, a man lounging smoking a cigarette, a Wiccan woman handing out candy, and a cheerful African American man saying good morning to everyone, me included. "Good morning, young lady," he said with a big smile. "Isn't it a beautiful morning? Just like the littly birdy said...'It's just right!'" I made a sketch of a tree growing outside the Union, and decided I might do a sketch of it a day, from different angles: bark, leaves, the surroundings...could be interesting.

Brownies: Coming back from a mediocre lunch without any dessert, and having our neighbour offer me a giant brownie made by her little brother. It was delicious.

Emails: Two surprising and nice messages in my inbox today. One from a highschool friend checking up on how things were going with me; one from a new friend whom I've barely talked to - a completely unexpected pleasant note.


Annika Rose said...

So you're an artist too, awesome! Sounds like a lovely morning.

Sonnjea B said...

Brownies are ALWAYS a beautiful thing!

clowngirl said...

I enjoy your writing, Greta; in fact, I've gotten a bit behind in my afternoon task regime reading your blog!

Thanks for stopping in to visit me at RedCircus; always enjoyable to make new e-friends. Cheers :)

Annika Rose said...

Yes, Jeremy Sumpter is the cutiest!!! He has the prettiest eyes and smile. And don't worry that you're too old because whenever I watch that movie my sister is like, "Ooh, he's so dreamy!" and she ends up sitting down and watching it, and I bet she's older than you.

Anyways I hope you write another post soon.

Annika xoxo

Irene said...

Glad to hear of your wonderful day sprinkled with small surprises! May you have more of those to come! c",)