it's beginning to look a lot like...wait a minute...

It seems strange to be back after slacking at this particular pursuit for awhile. Although slacking might not be the best word for it...a death in the family and a mad push to study for end-of-the-semester projects might actually merit a break from blogging. But I'm home for Thanksgiving, which gives me a few days to relax before plunging back into the frantic stretch toward finals, and Christmas shopping and decorating...

Which makes me realise it actually is only about a month until Christmas. Where did the time go? I'm one of those people who likes to wait until just before Christmas to decorate so it seems more special...but lately I've caught myself humming a few Christmas carols and wondering when to decorate my dorm room. It's almost as if I've mentally skipped Thanksgiving and am heading straight on towards Christmas and New Years'. I'm sure that will all change when we have our Thanksgiving dinner here on Thursday, complete with my mom's awesome cranberry-walnut salad, bread-and-butter pickles and sour cream country potatoes.

What is everyone else doing for Thanksgiving? I love to hear family traditions, especially ones centered around the holidays. Hope it's a great day for everyone!


Sonnjea B said...

Cranberry-walnut salad sounds great!

We're going to spend Thanksgiving with some friends this year -- it's the first time we've spent a holiday with them, and it will be fun to participate in other people's traditions for a change. There'll be 5 kids there, 4 of them under the age of 5, so it should be boisterous if nothing else!

Have a happy holiday!

emily said...

*looks around sheepishly* I'm listening to Christmas music at the moment...I can't help myself, I need more than a month to gear up for the holiday :-)

We've hosted Thanksgiving at our home for the last 16 years, and about 8 years ago we started making a Thanksgiving Memories Tablecloth. We took a plain white tablecloth and colored markers, and each year every member of the family writes down what they're thankful for. It's nice to look back at what we've written over the years.

And for us, the day after Thanksgiving is spent at home - no Black Friday craziness, instead we pull out our Christmas decorations and deck the halls.

*sigh* I love this time of year.

avila said...

My good friend and I had a long chat about our past. Thinking back, i realized how much time has passes by so swiftly.

I never celebrate thanksgiving. I wonder how it feels like to celebrate it. But I can't wait for christmas!!! It's the best season!

Have a happy holiday!

Word Imp said...

We don't do Thanksgiving in New Zealand but Christmas is exactly one month away as I write this. I can't cope. I'm not ready for it. I will resist it until December 17 and then panic and give in. Hope yours is calmer!

Kate Thornton said...

We don't do much of a Christmas celebration - decorations are limited to a weird plastic thing that looks like it belongs in a modern furniture shop window.

But Thanksgiving was tremendous and I'm looking forward to cooking on Christmas.

Emily, what a wonderful idea about the tablecloth!

Happy Holidays!